For a whole bunch of reasons, I have decided not to maintain a full website anymore. Here are some quick links if you’d like more information about me. You can always email me as at marc@<this website>



Interactive DVDs


The Efficient Guitarist


—Etude Answers—

If you own the first edition of the Everything Music Theory book, click here to open the answers to the Etudes found in the book.


I proudly play the following gear:

D’addario Strings—have you tried the NYXL strings yet? They are amazing

Planet Waves—picks, straps, cables, tuners & just about everything else they make

Fender Guitars—Stratocasters and Telecasters

Godin Guitars—Multiac Grand Concert and Multiac Jazz guitars

John Gilbert Classical Guitars—may he rest in peace

Fuchs Amps—The Blackjack21MKII is incredible!

Brian Moore Guitars—I have a few Custom Shop models from when I used to be a Brian Moore artist. I don’t play them much these days, but they are beautiful instruments.